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Social robotics – Educational technology – Music making

HRI2018 Mini-Symposium @ Cornell University, New York

Super excited!! I am pitching my research at the HRI2018 mini-symposium together with forty leading researchers in Human-Robot Interaction. Great to be among the people I regularly include to my … Continue reading

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Invited Lecture on Social Robotics @ University of Amsterdam – one of my favourite places

Happy to be invited to give a lecture on Social Robotics at the department of Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Amsterdam. Looking forward to discussions … Continue reading

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Swiss Robots for Learning Meeting @ École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

Honoured to have been invited at the Swiss Robots for Learning Meeting organized by the group of Pierre Dillenbourg! We are going to spend 2 days at Villars-sur-Ollon to discuss … Continue reading

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Our DE-ENIGMA project @ Tallinn Digital Summit with EU heads of States

Proud to be part of the DE-ENIGMA project that was selected as one of the best EU-funded projects to be at the Tallinn Digital Summit. Zeno, lucky you, you met … Continue reading

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Opening of the new academic year with the HTHT Science2Society course :-)

One of my favourite days: the opening of the new academic year! And the start of my favourite course Science2Society. The topic for my team this year is about Self-driving … Continue reading

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Two Papers accepted @ the International Conference of Social Robotics (plus a special session organization)!

Excited to have two papers accepted at the ICSR2017! One with the EASEL project team on our measurement tools for children’s perceptions of robots’ social competence and one with the … Continue reading

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Honoured to have been invited to join HRI2018 Program Committee

It’s a great honour for me to have been invited to join the HRI2018 Program Committee. I am so looking forward to working with that amazing team!

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ICSR2017 Special Session: Social Robots used as assistive technology for Special User Populations.

Joint forces! University of Twente, Hertfordshire, and Blue Ocean Robotics. Our Special Session proposal has been accepted at the ICSR2017. Looking forward to nice papers. Together with Pauline, Jamy, Franziska, … Continue reading

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Robotics: Science and Systems 2017

Our paper has been accepted at the workshop “Perception and Interaction Dynamics in Child-Robot Interaction at MIT in Boston, MA. Together with Bram Ridder from KCL, Jaebok Kim and Vanessa … Continue reading

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IDC2017 Workshop Paper about co-design activities as a praxis towards ethics

Exciting to participate to the workshop “Analyzing Children’s Contributions and Experiences in Co-design Activities: Synthesizing Productive Practices” at the IDC2017 with my paper  Co-design Activities: A Tool to Tackle Ethical Issues in … Continue reading

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